Find the best pop up canopy tents reviewed for you here

Pop up canopy tents have become one of the most essential items in the kitbag for many. Warm sunny weather calls for outdoor meetings and gatherings. They are the modern marvels of for the global citizens and come in handy if you want to take to sit outdoors for picnics and barbecues or even in the beach. However, sitting out in the open in such a climate can bake you or drench your body leaving behind tanned skin, dehydrated body, and sunburns. So, we have brought to you the reviews of the best pop up canopy that are available in the market.

A canopy is more affordable nowadays and is effective with improved design and structure. There are many brands and sellers out there just to sell the products but if you really want to know which product is the best for you, then you need to have more information about the canopy tents. This is why we have selected 5 best pop up canopy tents that will help you narrow down the choices and select the apt one.

Coleman 10×10 instant sun shelter

Coleman has earned its name over the years and is the leader in outdoor gears. So, you can well understand why the brand tops our list. But, that is not the only feature that helped it rank so high. As we speak of pop up canopy tents, Coleman provides this lightweight yet effective 10’x10’ tent which comes with a wheeled carry bag. The tent is made from water-proof material on the top that protects you from scorching heat and burning rays as well as sudden drizzle. However, there are no side walls which make it less likely to be used during rain forecasted weather.

Eurmax instant pop up

This pop-up canopy is slightly heavier than the Coleman’s due to which it ranks below. All other features are more or less similar with 10’x10′ dimension, waterproof top, no sidewalls, and wheeled carry bag. However, the Eurmax pop-up canopy tents come with 4 height options feature that allows you to adjust the height of the canopy accordingly.

Clam corporation 9879 Quick set escape shelter

One of the robust designs in the pop-up canopy segment is offered by the Clam Corporation with its 140″x140″ dimension. This canopy tent has a hexagonal shape which imparts an unconventional look and its walls are also covered with waterproof material. In addition to these, the Quickset canopy is easy to set up and lighter than its rivals. So, it can be used during intense heat in the summer and in the rainy season.

Quik shade expedition EX64 slant leg canopy

If you are looking for a canopy that is simple and easy to install and is not fancy, then Quik shade offers you the right canopy. It is also lightweight and only has a waterproof roof that provides you shade and protects you from sunburns. It can be used during barbecue gatherings to accommodate a few people per tent. However, it is quite fragile and cannot withstand strong weather conditions.

CORE instant shelter pop up canopy

This product may not rank high in our review of 5 best pop up canopy but it is quite a product. Taking Coleman design into consideration and making few changes by blending the leg adjustment options, CORE has been able to bring a pop-up canopy in the market at an affordable price.