How To Use Fly Swatter Of Various Types Best Suited According To Your Need

Pest control is something that people largely neglect. Thinking about their miniature size you may not guess that they are one of the prime reasons for so many kinds of health hazard. Fly swatters are available in the market for general purpose. They may be hand-held or even electricity run appliance and you must know how to use fly swatter be it of any kind. Many insects like the mosquitoes and the houseflies are the carrier of various types of pathogens which when coming in contact with the food or directly to the humans may cause severe diseases, some of which may even lead to death. Hence it is very important to keep the surrounding free from such pests.

What if pests are not harmful?

This is very much true that not all pests are harmful. There are some which don’t pose any danger to our health and also are one of the species of the fauna found on earth like moths, and wasps. They do have a role to play in the biological cycle. So how to use fly swatter when they are an attribute of the ecological cycle. Here, in this case, you can use the swatter available not for killing the pests but for capturing them so that later you can release them in their natural habitat.


It is a handheld the manual device with a handle mounted with a small rectangular or a circular sheet on the top. The sheet is thin and flexible in the form of a mesh having very small spacing so that the flies get entangled in it. Not to mention, as we are getting more and more advanced day by day, the traditional flyswatter are being replaced by their revamped versions.

Flyswatter derivatives

  • Fly gun-if you know how to use fly swatter then using a fly gun isn’t a big task but actually the easiest. It comes in the shape of the gun with a spring-loaded projectile for swatting the flies. Just press the trigger and rest it will do. It is handy only for hitting the flies in mid-air
  • Fly bottle- if you want to capture the moths or the wasps then you can use it. It is around a conical shape bottle with a small black opening at the top. The opening is black to achieve phototaxis behavior. At the bottom, the bait is kept. The pests enter the bottle but are not able to escape
  • Glue board- it has a strong adhesive on which the pests get stuck but how to use fly swatter of this kind? Just keep at the entrance and the flies or the pests will get attracted towards it because of the odor, get stuck and die
  • Flypaper- much similar to the former. It also has adhesive properties. The pests get stuck and die
  • Electric flyswatter- a common thing in households nowadays. It runs on the battery while it can be referred to as the big form of the traditional swatters

You must keep your house free from any kind of pests. Some may not be harmful to our health but can subject you to bruises or sores. There is no rocket science in knowing how to use fly swatter. Just buy one and stay protected.