solar panel

Install Solar Panel For Home For Saving Resources

Renewable energies are always heard and made it read all through your childhood, it has been one sort of a trend to go green with the vision for better earth, from all those lessons to switch off the fans and lights to go green banners we have come to this stage of alternating our necessities with environmentally friendly products. Many such campaigns, marketing through government has been initiated to choose and implement more of environment-friendly resources rather the non-renewable and non-biodegradable ones

solar panel

Solar panels are one such big products to be used as an alternative to non-renewable electricity to solar generated electricity. Solar panels have been adapted to workplaces more as there’s the use of electricity is 24*7, thus now the homes are also coming pictures especially in the places which are deserted areas and do consume a lot of heat and longer summers like Rajasthan, Gujarat Madhya Pradesh if we talk about India.

Solar panels installation for home is a new bee around, there are certain successful cases where people have installed the solar panels and have overcome across their power supply cut on regular basis.

How do they work?

The basic principle behind solar energy is it collects the solar energy from the sun and converts to the electrical energy for the usage. These are basically used to generate electricity especially for heaters, geysers, refrigerators and needed devices like lights and fans. This type of solar use is called photovoltaics.

In the photovoltaic system, an array of photovoltaic is inserted in a panel with solar cells to store and convert solar energy to electricity with the help of semiconductor.


Yes, it is quite costly as compared to normal electricity as it requires the specialist workers to install and maintain, though it’s believed to fall in prices when its demand will rise abruptly and the normal electricity cost would rise in an indirect fashion.

Not only it’s a natural resource to use as environmentally friendly, solar panels will help you to cut on your electricity bills and thus saves money. Count it as your biggest advantage of installing it!

How to maintain it?

It is claimed to be easy to maintain, the only thing to worry about is avoiding the overshadow of any trees which would block the panels to capture and store the energy. Else Rains, Winds are no problem to them, the dirt could be removed easily by hot water by a brush or a soft cloth. That’s all you have to do; rest sun and the panels will do.

How will shoo the darkness of nights?

Solar plus storage technology embedded in panels which stores and allows the electricity to be used when solar panels are in sleep mode. Thus, in the nights, there’s no complete darkness in your life! Haha…

Thus, Solar panels installation  to be concluding can be a good option to opt for, for the near future but yes it’s costly yet but soon will make a fair cost in the market.