The Best Bear Sprays to Buy This Year

When on a hike to some dense forest along the river and near the mountains, there are many beauties that you encounter along the way. The sparkling water, cool breeze and the greenery of the place leave you awestruck and you lose yourself in the magic that is created around you. This does sound like a trip to paradise but what if you find a furry, large and dangerous bear in the midst of this beautiful journey? What should you do to protect yourself or keep yourself from getting killed there and then?

Although there are many ways to avoid any encounter with bears and other dangerous animals while you are on your way such as making noises and staying in the group, you should always keep some safety devices with you to help in the difficult times. If you get really unlucky and are actually attacked by a bear, black or grizzly, you can use a bear spray that would work the same way a pepper spray would work against an attacking male.

 best bear sprays

How does it work?

The bear spray contains capsaicin agents that would help you keep the bear away from you as much as possible. If it attacks you or tries to come near you, you can just press the nozzle and spray the contents on its face and start to run for your life as fast you can. These sprays are said to be 92 percent effective in case of grizzly bears and 90 percent, in case of black bears. These sprays have been successful in saving many lives in the past years since its invention in 1992.

How to buy the best bear sprays?  

  • There are many bear sprays available in the market today but the best bear sprays that you can buy should contain a hot liquid that should be based on oil so that it hurts and burns when sprayed on the bear so that you could buy more time and run away as far as possible.
  •  The product you buy should also be in a container that empties itself in maximum 4 seconds on the bear’s eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • The container should also be of a color that is easy to spot.
  •  The container should be able to create a burning fog on the bear from a safe distance between you and the attacking bear.
  • The container should also be easy to carry and access. The bottle should be user-friendly and should not take much space in your carry bag. The size should be compact.
  • Above all, the spray should have a good amount of capsaicin that would stun the bear and do the work for you.
  • You can also go for sprays that come with handles that can be attached to your belt to make the access easier. There are many packs available online that will help you save up on money and get you a better deal.

While buying yourself a bear spray, make sure to check on the list provided above to make your trek trip safer and better.